Thursday, 8 February 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca - proved;Liz can drink me under the table!

Liz, my landlady, offered to meet me in Soller today and show me how to get a pass for the tram. It is 7 Euro for each ride (14 Euro return - $20+) but anyone staying longer than 1 week can get a "residents" pass if they are willing to go through the rig-amoral.
Liz had to go to the carpenter and various other chores (they are renovating the downstairs apartment) so I arranged to walk into Soller and meet her.
She had said that the forecast was for sunny weather, finally.  The forecast I looked at was not as positive but I realized that Liz is an optimist. (40 to 55% chance of rain translates to 45 to 60% chance for no rain). It was cloudy and threatening rain as I walked in.

Rows of Plain trees line the roads in the older part of Soller
I walked into Soller (took me 1hr 15min) and met Liz at
It's the bar nearest to the train station and therefor, according to Liz, the oldest bar. I had a glass of wine, Liz had her second drink and left her shopping bags there. She knows the owner.
She took me to a photography shop where I had a picture taken (3 little pictures for 6 Euro) and then up to the offices at the train station. I never would have found the staircase without her. There they took the photos, looked at my passport, listened to Liz telling them I was staying for 2 months and for 50 Euro I got a 1 month pass that would give me 30 trips on the tram from Soller to Port de Soller. I will have saved money if I use it for 8 trips.
One of Liz's chores was to get a "No Parking" sign for the driveway at Casa Crocodile. She had the driveway put in last year and in the summer people parking on the street block the driveway. This sign (and 100Euro a year) gives the police authority to tow them away. This involved taking her paperwork to the city hall, paying her 12 Euro at the bank and getting the sign at the police station. It all went amazingly efficiently (she was very surprised, anticipating it would take her the better part of the day)
Back to the bar.
Liz had told me I could try red wines at this bar and Tony would then sell me a case of whatever I liked. I had had a glass of red wine when I met her there earlier (she was on her second vodka and coke). I tried 2 more glasses of red wine while Liz had her drinks of choice and she told me how she met Martin and their plans for the place I am renting.
The tram passed us a couple of times while we talked. Full of people going to Port de Soller who had just arrived on the train from Palma. The driver waved. Liz knew him.

Hard to choose a wine. The first I had was a Rioja Reserva (7 Euro a bottle it would cost me), the second another Rioja (this would cost me closer to 4 Euro). They both tasted great.
We needed something to eat. Walked around to the bar by the market. Liz knew the owner. We ordered Pan amb Oli (toasted bread spread with oil and garlic, rubbed with a tomato puree and layered with ham and cheese) it was served with olives and a skewer with pickles.
Of course there was another red wine and vodka and coke while I got tips on the best restaurants, bars, supermarkets and heard about various political issues in this part of Mallorca. Liz was generous with her advice and often knew the stories behind the family run restaurants and bars.
While we sat there the sun came out and the sky was a brilliant blue ; "See, I told yoo" (you have to imagine the Scottish accent)
Back to Bar Turismo, after all I hadn't ordered my case of wine yet.
We talked and drank some more.
Is it just me or are these pictures looking a little blurry? And maybe not quite straight?
We both ordered a case of the same red wine that Liz had left for me the first night I arrived. I wont know the final price until Tony gets it in at the beginning of next week. One of Liz's contractors will pick them up for us and then we will go and pay for them the next time we are in. All very relaxed, nothing like the LCBO.
We took a taxi home.

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