Saturday, 11 February 2017

Mallorca Day 12 - resting my legs

I decided to take it easy today. Although it is Saturday I wasn't that impressed with the market in Soller last week (and have lots of food in the frig anyway) so will revisit later in the month. I did go out this morning for a walk around the port and to pick up a couple of things at the supermarket.
Two fishermen were painstakingly removing fish from their nets.
This little dog was more interested in me taking a picture than his owner fishing.
"Seriously, we do this every weekend, and its boring"
This boat was getting ready to go out. Making a day trip to Calobra Beach. It was grey and windy so I think I will save that excursion for a day with better weather. It goes out on Saturdays and Tuesdays in the winter.
After lunch I headed out to do some sketching. To solve the cold bottom problem I slipped one of Angela's outside cushions into my Sobey's shopping bag, to protect it. I walked around the bay, along the far beach and out onto the headland on a (sort of) footpath until I had a good view of the North lighthouse.
I was able to sit comfortably on the rocks, on my shopping bag covered cushion, until the wind changed direction and started blowing the pages of the sketchbook.

No where near as many cormorants here as in Ayamonte last year but then it also isn't as big a fishing harbour.
As I was climbing down from the rocks the tour boat came back in.
I contemplated stopping for a glass of wine on my way back but my usual cafe was full. In fact all the cafes and restaurants were busy and some were open that had been closed before. The season is beginning to pick up. So I went home to sit outside with a glass of wine and read.
Just to the left of the stairs that are outside my door there is this little spot. I have seen no-one use that door (#17) and a couple of times I have taken my coffee out in the morning and watched the harbour from the railing.
This afternoon I took it a bit further. I moved a couple of Angela's chairs there and read, had my wine and watched the port activities in the sporadic sun. I alternated between feeling guilty (obviously not Angela's property) and hoping that no-one would mind. Moved it all back when I was done.
I have noticed that there is sun in the courtyard area for a short while at around 3. Hopefully as we move into March it will be there longer and it will be warm enough to sit there in the afternoon.

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