Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Mallorca Day 15 - sun for Eve

The weather can turn on a dime here. Today it was beautiful, sunny and warm. I wore capris and sandals for the first time.
It's the kind of day to hang your laundry off the balcony.
Everything looks more picturesque with that fabulous blue backdrop.
This picture is for Brit. Yes it is a lovely wooden sailboat but I took it because it is registered in OSLO (the name of the rug pattern she is currently working on)
The boatyard here is right on the harbourside, with outside cafes looking over it. Every day for the last 2 weeks I have watched people working on this metal sailboat, as I walk past.
Today it was lifted off its metal supports
supported very carefully in its sling
and swung around (the guy in red has a remote control for the crane)
and into the water. It floated!
Well that was my excitement for the morning walk. Home for a quick lunch and then I drove to the airport to pick up Eve. Twice I missed turns and had to get to the next roundabout and come back. I was a little early and found a place to sit and read. Eve texted when she arrived, got her bag, got to the parking garage cafe and then I drove up and got her.
It was great to drive along with Eve exclaiming at the surroundings that I also love - the almond trees in bloom, the stone houses, the colourful shutters, the citrus trees, the mountains.....
We got home, bought in her bags and went straight out to walk around.
We walked, had a cafe con leche, walked some more, had a glass of wine, returned home for supper and she made it to about 9pm before crashing. Pretty good considering she had had about 4hours sleep in the last 24.

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