Sunday, 5 February 2017

Mallorca Day 6 - the first rainy day

Rain was in the forecast so I didn't rush the morning; slept in (that was nice, doesn't happen often any more), shower, leisurely coffee and breakfast, figured out the European washing machine, hung up my laundry. The whole time the wind was whistling outside and it was dark enough to need the lights on.
At around 1:30, after lunch, the wind dropped and the sun came out. I started contemplating getting outside, going for a walk. Before I could get as far as changing my shoes there was a long rumbling roll of thunder. I stepped outside, looked out between the buildings and saw dark grey clouds obliterating the mountains and thunder again rolled around. Within minutes it was raining for the first time since I got here. Black to Plan A, spend the day inside!
So, making this little basket was how I spent my afternoon. Made in Mallorca, materials from Canada. Brit taught me this technique a couple of weeks ago and I think she is teaching at the Kindred Spirits Retreat, Apps Ridge, Paris, this weekend.
Its not big enough for a fruit bowl, this was just to show the size.
This is my first purchase of Mallorcan wine. "Mas de Canet"
"The young red wine is produced with grape varieties from vineyards of Mallorca wine. It has an attractive and intense colour, ripe fruit aroma and a well balanced structure" Is what it says on the label.

'Vi de la terra Mallorca" is also on the label. This is the domain;  a search results in "The Serra de Tramuntana-Costa Nord is a geographical indication used to describe the traditional wines of the wine region of Mallorca , in the north-west of the island between the head of Formentor and the southwest coast of Andratx . It is composed of 18 municipalities"

Also on the label; the name "Family-owned Wineries Antonio Nadal."
This is the link to the Antonio Nadal Wineries website:  click here
The wine I am drinking is not on their website. The winery is not far from here though and is open for tours so I think Eve (who gets here in about a week) and I may check it out.

The e-mail listed on the label directed me to the  Tiannenegre Winery. For the website click here. 
The wine I am drinking is not listed on their website either. But it is in the same area as the Antonio Nadal, sounds like a wine tour to me.
So I still don't know who made the wine. I know its Mallorcan and the approximate area that the grapes came from (near Binissalem) and that I like it. The wine is smooth, fruity, not quite as dry as I normally like but quite delicious. I can pretty well guarantee that I wont be able to get it at the LCBO.

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