Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Mallorca Day 22 - Sunny walk to Soller

Taking a walk in the Port has become part of our morning routine. Just a little stretch before stopping for a coffee. This morning it took us to the church

and to watch another boat be swung "onto the hard" to be worked on.
Our plan was to walk to Soller, across the pass, today, but Eve's ankle is bothering her more now that the swelling has gone down and there is extensive bruising remaining. So she opted to take the tram and meet me in the square in Soller.
Sheep in the terraced olive groves.
Looking back towards Port de Soller. The weather was stunning today, 20 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I walked in  a tank top with my jacket wrapped around my waist.
Overall the trail was much drier (there has been rain for a week) although there is still one place where a creek trickles across the path.
This is a young Holly Oak. The leaves are still quite prickly.
This one is more mature, the leaves are much smoother, without the thorns.
The Friars Cowl flowers are pretty well gone but these yellow flowers are still everywhere.
Many of the lambs are a chocolate brown colour.
But the wool is pale and just the face and legs of the adults are brown.
The almond trees are leafing out while still in blossom. There are almonds left from last year on this one.
People have been working in their gardens. This one had been rototilled, weeded and onion sets planted.
The walk is about 30 minutes up hill, 30 minutes down hill and 30 minutes through town.
Eve had taken the tram and checked out some little shops.

Great way to end a hike, with some water and then a glass of wine.
We stopped in to a bakery, up near the train station, for some dessert to take home.
The window display was pretty impressive but inside there was even more.
Then down to the square for lunch. We opted for tapas. At this restaurant you had to go to the back and the 24 different kinds of tapas were displayed. You wrote down the code number for each one you wanted on a piece of paper and handed it to the waitress. I had;  dates, with nuts inside and wrapped in serrano ham heated, hot marinated mushrooms and an avocado, onion and tomato salad.
Coming back on the tram we got into the last car. Because it is a a "push me pull you" system, the tram will be driven here on the way back.

Some people come home for a G&T (Gin and Tonic) Eve came home for an I&A (Ice and Advil)

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