Friday, 24 February 2017

Mallorca Day 25 - Soller Botanical Gardens

It was windy and rainy overnight and we woke to ongoing rain.
The rain stopped by mid morning and we strolled down to the Albatross Bar where you can order large coffees. Believe it or not, mine is the small one.
Although overcast and threatening rain we were not about to stay home on Eve's last day so we went to the Botanical Gardens in Soller.

We may have been the only people there.
Most of the flowers that were in bloom were in the area for Mountain Plants
Everything was identified though a lot were just starting to shoot through the ground.
The Succulents looked particularly happy in the rain.
We didn't go inside the buildings as we only had an hour before it closed.
Some looked familiar; Nasturtium

There were also ponds and water channels throughout.
And some very strange looking specimens.
After leaving the gardens we drove into the outskirts of Soller where we had been told that there was a large Eroski grocery store. We found it and now I wont have to drive to Palma to get some selection. It had an excellent looking meat, cheese and fish section.
Speaking of fish, we saw this cart full of shrimp and other fish being moved from the commercial port along the road in front of the apartment. The Mallorcan shrimp are pink even when raw. I am hoping I can buy them like this, right from the fishermen.
We left Soller and drove up to the lighthouse as I wanted to show Eve the view. We walked up to the hiking hostel and were greeted by a small herd of goats.
There was this large male who spent most of the time pulling the olive tree branches down so he could eat them.
Three females and
I don't know how many kids because
they kept skipping and jumping
and playing
and chasing.
The male was
very impressive.
Although the Refugi was open there was no-one but staff around, so the resident cats were looking for some attention.
Which Eve and I  provided and were rewarded with purrs.
What we actually came to see.

As it was Eve's last night we planned to go out to a dinner. A number of restaurants had been recommended in the various conversations with locals. Nunu wasn't open yet.  Las Olas wasn't open yet. We walked, in the rain, to check on both of them. So, we went, one block back from the beach to Nou Bon Vi. We had popped in before to check it out and talked to the proprietor. Coming back tonight he recognized us and greeted us in English.

When I looked at the tapas and discussed it with the waiter, he suggested the anchovies and I said I really only liked them on a pizza or on a calbrese salad, so he offered to have the salad made. Eve and I shared it as it was huge. The mozzarella was huge and very soft, everything fresh and nicely dressed. I got all the anchovies because Eve doesn't like them.

I had the duck leg in orange sauce. You know the orange was right off the tree. Little carrot flowers with a red currant centre. Yellow tomatillos tasted like a cross between a tomato and a tart mango.
Eve had the John Dory with a creamy basil sauce. The baked potatoes, baby carrots and green beans were done to perfection (I feel like I am writing a restaurant review here)

We had 2 glasses each of Mallorcan wine and finished off with a shared homemade tiramasu. Raul, our waiter (he's Cuban!) bought us over a final glass of Angel D'Or orange liquer (made locally), on the house.

It was a lovely final evening with Eve. She leaves tomorrow at 6:45, picked up in a taxi and taken directly to the airport by Pierre, a local taxi driver who speaks French and English. Another great find.

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