Thursday, 2 February 2017

Mallorca Day 3 - Soller on the tram

The sun does not actually get into the courtyard in front of the apartment at this time of year. The roll- out awning over the door implies it does in the summer. But in the early morning (by this I mean between 7 and 9) it does shine between the buildings onto the front door, so I moved one of the patio chairs and had my coffee and yogurt sitting there.
A morning cat visitor. There is a note in the apartment not to feed the cats. I imagine they can be a pest.
The tram from Port de Soller to Soller runs on the half hour. I caught it at 10:30. It was the first electric railway in Mallorca, started in 1913 and 3 of the original motorized cars and 2 of the original non motorized are still in use.
At this time of year there are just 3 of these lovely wooden carriages. There is no way to get from one to the other so the conductor jumps off at each stop and moves to the next carriage to charge the E6 for a one way trip.
Around the bay,
along the valley with the river on one side and the road on the other,
past orange and lemon groves and then peoples backyards until
letting us all off at Soller centre.
Tourist information, in another wooden railway car, was closed.

The church from behind and
in front.
I walked the shopping area looking for some bits and pieces that I wanted for the apartment.
I didn't buy any Mallorcan gin but I did get some Mallorcan honey.
I caught the 12:30 tram back as I had just wanted to check it out, there are museums, galleries and sketches that will happen later.
She said it was the biggest umbrella in Mallorca when they got it, at this restaurant at the base of my stairs, So Caprichos (Capricho means whim or fantasy). She said it is for the sun or the rain but the wind has broken it twice.
Salad for lunch and then I packed my hiking pack and set out behind the apartment to see if I could get to the lighthouse or the lookout tower. The roads wind back and forth, up the hill, but I was unable to get to the lighthouse. I think it is part of the Naval Base.
I did find a lovely lookout in front of the Museo de la Mar, which was closed. No indication when it would be open.
I kept climbing even though sometimes that meant I had to go down a road in order to find another up.
At one point this goat jumped over a stone wall, in front of me, and on to the road.
Followed by a kid
sorry, 2 kids.
and there's the other parent on the opposite bank. That sequence was for you Chris, I know how you love goats. Hope it made your day.
Further up another beautiful view and there is a path at the bottom of those cliffs that I will try some day.
I'm stumped again. The Sardinian Warbler looks like this but has distinctively red eyes. The Balearic Warbler is all grey, doesn't have this black cap. ?????? Yeah, I'm no good at this stuff. I just gave Google another try: he might be a Spectacled Warbler.  I recognized the bird in the next tree but wasn't fast enough to get a picture, it was an English Robin.

 EDIT - I knew my birding friends would come through. Cyndy e-mailed to say it is a warbler, commonly called a Blackcap (go figure). The Wiki descriptions fits perfectly: The adult male has olive-grey upperparts, other than a paler grey nape and a neat black cap on the head. The underparts are light grey, becoming silvery white on the chin, throat and upper breast. The tail is dark grey, with an olive tint to the outer edge of each feather.
I took a different road back down and found an official looking footpath sign. Another day.
It's winter so the island isn't crazy with wildflowers but there are some.
Walked my legs off again so water and wine as a reward. This time at So Caprichos (the place with the big umbrella). Yesterday's bar just bought me a house wine (E2.90) but today the waiter asked if I wanted a Mallorcan wine. I said yes as long as it wasn't too sweet. It was a little sweeter than a Rioja but still very nice (E4.60). I will have to look at Mallorcan wines in the supermercado.
The weather forecast calls for rain tomorrow. Sounds like a day for reading a good book ( I am reading "me before you" by Jojo Moyes) and resting my legs.

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