Sunday, 5 March 2017

Mallorca Day 34 - Christine and Chris arrive

I went to the Palma airport and picked up Christine (my childhood friend who now lives in Wales) and her husband, Chris (yes it does get confusing), this morning. Home and had lunch, chat, walk around the harbour, chat, coffee, wine and gelatos, chat, home, chat, supper, chat, walk, chat, they went to bed (had been up since 2am). I haven't seen them since October 2014 when I visited them in Wales before going to Scotland. There's a lot of catching up to do.
So I took no pictures today and will just post a few from the previous week to fill out the post.
All alone in the parade.
Sleepy bug, watching the parade.
Fun with friends, not even in the parade.

Palma building
Palma fountains

I hope the video works. Heather had mentioned that she had never heard sheep bells, so I videoed a flock so she could hear them and forgot to post it in the Eroski on Foot post.
Hopefully the blog will get back to normal tomorrow. After all, we have a whole week to chat.

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