Thursday, 9 March 2017

Mallorca Day 38 - the Cuber Reservoir Walk

We took the road into the Tramuntana Mountains towards Pollenca (the same one Eve and I did). Stopped at the same Mirador de se Barques for a look at the views.
We also stopped at another lookout, before a tunnel
to look down at the Soller valley
and still further up, at the mountains.
The road climbs up and up and up (your ears pop) and then comes out onto a high plain area with a couple of car parks.
Overlooked by this military installation. I read that the land was given to the U.S. by Franco and that they blew up the top of the mountain to make it flat enough for the equipment. The base is flying a Spanish flag so they must have got it back.
We saw sheep, goats and cattle all grazing around the reservoir.
Its an easy walk on a flat dirt track.
At this point we had to decide whether to veer off on a side path or continue on around the lake. I was desperate to go to the bathroom and thought I could see the blue of a port-a-potty at a little building by the lake so we didn't take the longer route.
At this refugi
I was really glad to find this - open and with toilet paper.
We ate our picnic on the wooden table, beside the lake,
joined by an English Robin

and a Chaffinch, looking for crumbs.
We continued round the lake, over the damn and back to the car.
It was a beautiful, comfortable and peaceful walk. In spite of the full parking lot we didn't see that many people.
Back home we indulged in what has become our usual afternoon routine of reading in the sun, going for a swim and then making supper.
We ate a bit earlier than usual so were able to take a bottle of wine up to the mirador,
watch the boats come in,
the cormorants and sea gulls choose their spot to roost for the night, the bats come out and start hunting
and the sun go down.

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