Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mallorca Day 50 - Colobra Beach with Mum and Dad

On my walk to the grocery store this morning I noticed "Coral" was being put on the hard. I have never seen a boat this colour before and wonder if they are just going to work on her bottom or repaint her (she couldn't be much brighter).
After breakfast we packed a picnic and headed down to the dock to board one of the boats from the  Barcos Azules company. They have 5 boats on the dock including a jetboat, a smaller passenger boat (that we took from Cala Tuent when we hiked there) and the big catamaran that we took today.
There were quite a number of bicyclists on board, presumably riding back through the mountains.
Out of the harbour.
It was a calm day so we were able to go very close to the coast cliffs.
Still magnificent even though this is the third time I have seen them from the boat.

As you come into the inlet all you can see is this little glimpse of beach between towering cliffs and you wonder where the boat will dock.
Then he swings to starboard and you see the little community that caters to the passengers.
We walked along the wooden boardwalk and up the road to the building on the far right. Here we found a washroom and a bench in the sun were we picnicked (Ham, cheese and lettuce on baguette and grapes). We then got "take away" coffee.

I left Mum and Dad here with their view of the little bay, our boat and mountains behind. Mum sketched.
I walked along the path
through the tunnels
to the beach, which is much bigger than it looks from the sea.
These have to be the most photographed seagulls, they pose for the cameras. It is a Yellow Legged Gull.
You have less than an hour and a half in Colobra before you have to catch the boat again.
Fishing from a Llaut.
The cave the boat went into when Eve and I were on it.
Nearly home, Torre Picada.
Glass of wine and a quick sketch in a cafe.

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