Friday, 10 March 2017

Mallorca Day 39 - walk, tapas, wine, swim, repeat

Christine and Chris took the tram to Soller and I set out to walk there. At the roundabout I passed a young man with a map out and he asked me how to reach a road that would allow him to hitchhike to Colabra Beach. I told him he needed to go to Soller and take the road at the Monument . He then pointed out that the tunnel to Soller was closed. So he ended up joining me on my hike to Soller. He was 24, Polish, a student of Tourism attending University in Madrid. Every time he got together enough money he would go somewhere for the weekend, hitchhike, camp and couch surf to get to know the area. He had quite good English but I still found it surprising that "couch surf" was in his repertoire. He had worked for 6 months in Germany, spent 6 weeks in Russia and been in Spain for 2 years. He could therefor speak Polish, English, German, Spanish and a little Russian. We walked and talked until we got to the road he needed and a car stopped for him shortly after we parted.
So no pictures of that part of the walk, too busy talking. 
Repsol delivery truck. These tanks of gas are delivered to homes and businesses and are a common sight. The gas is used to heat the houses (in moveable heaters) or for hot water.
There are larger lots for big houses on the outskirts of Soller
Roads can be quite spacious
but they get narrower closer  to the centre
and narrower
until there are some where there is no way you could take a car down it.
I met up with Chris and Chris at the tapas restaurant that we had been to before. They described wandering a narrow labyrinth of streets behind the Cathedral. I had read on the internet that the best place to get tapas in Soller was a place called Cafe Soller. I was happy to see that that was the name of the place we have been eating tapas at all along. After lunch we took the tram back to Port.
We tend to leave our towels, shoes etc on the same bit of wall, by the boat ramp, when we go for a swim.
I decided I wanted photographic evidence that I was swimming so took the camera into the water and this is a picture of my legs and feet in the water.
Then Christine offered to take a picture. So there is proof.
Not everyone is thrilled with the temperature of the water.
Every day Chris says she thinks its warmer than the day before. It is still numbingly cold when you first get in and its best to float in the top 4 inches.
He enjoyed the water anyway.

The boat yard area has been power washing and then painting the bottoms of some really large sailboats and power boats but now seems to have moved onto working on the Llauts. As they are wooden it means scraping all the old paint off, repairing any questionable areas and then repainting them.

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