Sunday, 26 March 2017

Mallorca Day 55 - my last day here.

Today was my last day here as I leave tomorrow morning.
The church bells are quite insistent on a Sunday morning. They ring, off and on, for almost half an hour. No way you are going to forget to go to church.
Cat just outside our door, waiting for the sun to reach him. I am looking forward to seeing Rasta.
Heather had asked for a picture of the spooky looking trees in Soller, when they start to leaf out but I didn't get around to getting that shot. This is the trees in Port de Soller, now in leaf.
The lone Canada Goose is still around. Maybe he is a year round resident.
On my walk around the bay I watched this catamaran as they struggled to get the anchor up and then sailed out of the harbour.
I read an article about the Llatzeret in Port de Soller and went looking for it today. It is not very well signed. Hard to tell what this is pointing to
but I know from the article that it refers to this dilapidated building on south west side of the bay. It was a quarantine station for maritime travelers and sailors and then later it was used as a prison. Some people had to stay in quarantine for months.
When Chris, Chris and I sat up at the mirador to watch the sunset we couldn't actually see the sun but now, 3 weeks later, it just peaks around the edge of the rock face.
Then the restaurants light candles,  gas fires
and hanging lanterns, luring with ambiance and warmth as well as good food.
We have a streetlight over the stairs up to the apartment
which is a bit of a goldfish bowl if we don't draw the curtains.

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