Saturday, 18 March 2017

Mallorca Day 47 - birthday, stroll and rugby.

First of all Happy Birthday to Maya, my grand daughter, who is one today. I so look forward to seeing her in May!
I walked up to the lighthouse and back down the hill trail today. I have been neglecting the exercise a bit since Mum and Dad got here.
Pretty well all the restaurants, cafes and bars are open now and there is heavy competition for the tourists. This restaurant had put cushions out on the, municipally provided, cement bench, in front of its location.
This one provided a play area for children.
Last time I did this walk I played with the focus on the black and white lighthouse, this time on the white lighthouse. Distant focus.
Close focus.
On the "auto" setting.
I have probably posted a similar shot to this every time I have walked up to the lighthouse, but I find the views hard to resist.
The walk up was marred by a steady stream of motorcycles roaring up to the lighthouse and then back down again.
At the top a couple explained that it was a rally, motorcycle club, and they had a route  and that they had to take pictures from particular spots.
It took me an hour to walk around the bay and up the road to the lighthouse and refugi (walkers hostel) at the top, where I had a coffee.
Walking out behind the refugi, the first part of the trail
has views of the sea.
After about an hour of hiking the trail splits to go either to Deia or to Soller and at that point 3 young people were selling fresh squeezed orange juice. Two were English, though their families were living in Mallorca, and one was Mallorcan. All went to an English speaking school. I finally sat down and sketched an olive tree.
I also ate my picnic lunch here: rice cakes, Camembert cheese, grapes and a chocolate croissant I had picked up at the bakery heading out of town.
A couple showed me the handful of asparagus that they had gathered. They said it was the end of the season.
I know I have posted a photo of this meadow before but it is a sea of flowers now.
I heard him braying for the half hour before I saw him.
Down off the hills and walking through the outskirts of Port de Soller, I noticed an arbor with wisteria in bloom
and an orange tree with little white, scented, blossoms even though it still has oranges ripening on it.
So pretty.   

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