Thursday, 16 March 2017

Mallorca Day 45 - Port market

My netbook is refusing to start so I am going to try and blog on my tablet. This has not been particularly successful in the past. Nope, no go.
Well, last ditch attempt to get the netbook started and it worked (this time). Who knows how often this will happen!
First a huge thank you to Eve for finding this Melitta system and getting it to Mum and Dad. I bitched and complained about how much I hated French Press coffee and Eve came through.
Thursday is market day in Port de Soller and up til now there hasn't been much activity but
there are more stalls now and I'm sure it will continue to grow.
I bought 3 packets of very thinly sliced ham for 10 Euros.
Tempted by the cheese but bought olives instead from this vendor.
The produce looked luscious but I have a full fridge
so I just bought lettuce for todays lunch
and oranges for tomorrows breakfast juice.
I left Mum and Dad having a coffee in a cafe and walked around the bay.
When it is still like this
the water is crystal clear.
I don't know where he stores the Stand Up Paddleboards but this is how he gets them to the beach, towed behind a kayak.
Strange sculptures on the south side of the bay.
and not so strange.
I haven't seen the egret in weeks.
Umbrellas and palm trees, ready for the influx.
Had a try at the umbrella.
Walked back and Mum and Dad had gone back to the apartment. Lunch was ham, cheese, baguette, salad and olives.
Followed by dessert from the new bakery that opened recently on the south beach.
We read for a while and then Mum and Dad had wine in a cafe and I went for a swim, before joining them. Christine would be proud of me. It is beautifully refreshing after the initial shock (and by initial I mean 20 minutes).
This what happens when you throw bread in the water; ducks and 2 different schools of fish.

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