Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Mallorca Day 37 - Headland walk?

Very different day from yesterday, not a breathe of wind, clear reflections.
No wind, but the boat doesn't go out today so we packed a lunch and set off for another walk.
I had noticed this track before and it looked as if it continued along the base of the cliffs.
Unfortunately, what had started out as a wide gravel track (wide enough to drive a car on) petered out, below the hotel, into nothing.
We headed down an adjoining track towards the sea
That disappeared as well. We found some rocks in the sun, ate our picnic and watched the fishing boats and a kayaker, cormorants but no dolphins.
Looking towards the lighthouse that we ate our picnic at yesterday.
It was nice out but it wasn't the walk we had been hoping for.
On our way back to the apartment we saw this. Its a TWIZY, made by Renault and the marketing page I found on the internet calls it a "quadricycle". It electric and holds 2 people, one behind the other.

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading in the sun and then Christine and I, again, headed over to the beach for a swim. We read on the internet that the sea temperature at Port de Soller today is 15 degrees. Warmer than the sea around Wales in August. This time there was another person swimming, someone on a Stand Up Paddleboard and another in an inflatable kayak. The beach, and the water, is getting busier.
Christine and Chris took me out to dinner at Nou Bon Vi and I had the grilled squid (nearly forgot to take the picture so it is half eaten). Delicious, dipped in the garlic and butter that came with the vegetables. Christine had the duck and Chris, the hamburger (He said you can't get one made with real meat in England any more). Christine and I had Creme Brule for dessert and Chris had Tiramisu.

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