Saturday, 11 March 2017

Mallorca Day 40 - Saturday sights in Port de Soller

The original plan was a hike to the Lighthouse and then down the GR221. We decided that was too much for Christine's knees so we were going to hike to the Watchtower. This morning, after both Christine and I experienced difficulties sleeping due to sore legs we revised the plan again - lazy day in Port for their last day.
Coffee at the Albatross, very artistic. It was so lovely sitting in the sun, watching the world go by, we had a second cup even though no-one was pushing us to move on. If you buy a coffee (or wine, beer, pop etc) it seems you can sit in the cafe for ever.
Puppy at the next table. When he started yipping at another dog the owner didn't correct him. Instead she let him off his leash to go and sort it out himself. He returned and occasionally offered a little yip from the safety of under the table, but generally behaved himself.
I watched a man, up on the second floor, "staging" an apartment and taking pictures. He saw me watching, smiled and waved and asked me if I wanted to come and see.

Although not 100% finished he wanted to get it on the internet to start renting it this summer (when it would be finished)
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and well decorated, above the Albatross cafe, it should be no problem to rent.
From the balcony, looking down at Christine and were I had been sitting.
Sketch of the pottery and souvenir shop (Eve, Christine and I have all made purchases there.
This musician  plays and sings most afternoons in front of Albatross. He sings in English in a low, gravely voice.
"bolero" has been up on the hard since I got here but is finally getting worked on.
"Geronimo" has only been there a couple of days but is already gleaming.
"Nayade" (translates to a spirit or nymph of Greek mythology)  just got hoisted out today.
The harbour side restaurants decorate their menus with oranges, lemons and other greenery and have English translations readily available.
They are filling up on a Saturday at about 1:30. They will peak at about 3pm.
Looking down at The Kingfisher restaurant from the steps to the apartment
Chris reading on the patio where
we had lunch for the first time - bread, cheese, ham, salad, grapes.
After a short siesta Christine and I headed out for our afternoon water sports. It was warm and still so I decided to rent a Stand Up Paddleboard.
Christine was using my camera for the first time and found it difficult
to get me
and the paddleboard, in the same shot.
Christine swam and paddled the board from a sitting position. It was lovely out on the water and calm enough for me to be able to relax on the board after a while. It will be at least 2 (maybe 3) months before I can use mine on Lake Erie.
As it was Christine and Chris' last night we had dinner out, at The Kingfisher.
Watched the (nearly full) moon come up over the mountains
and ate a lovely meal. I had seafood squid ink pasta,
Christine had cod and couscous (and thats her Sangria, Chris and I had red wine)
Chris had Sea Bream, salad and fries and
we finished off with a couple of chocolate lava cakes with ice cream (shared).
Hoping for a hand out.
We were absolutely stuffed and while Chris headed to bed, Christine and I went for a walk around the harbour, to relieve that over-full feeling.

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