Thursday, 23 March 2017

Mallorca Day 51, Part Dos - tourist bus.

After Castell de Bellver the bus continued on its route, through some residential areas and past a huge shopping mall. Palma stretches along the bays and inland too. Urban planning has been attempted at times but the plans tended to be disrupted by the next government (as the information boards at the museum put it so well "due to democracy the plan was not carried out"). This had resulted in neighborhoods with some lovely old houses and hotels next to 50s and 60s (not a great era for architecture) cement apartment blocks.
Past the yacht basin with thousands of masts

and some huge luxury power boats

and massive sailing vessels. Look at how much taller those 2 masts are than all the ones around them.
There are parks and fountains and playgrounds and lots of treed areas.
Across the river that was diverted to be a moat outside the city walls.
To this point, next to the palace. Last time I was in Palma this street was full of stalls and people for their March 1, holiday.
I had to decide whether to stay on for another circuit or to wander back through the pedestrian streets to Placa d'Espagna. I managed to snag the front seat on the top of the bus and that made up my mind - prime spot.
Passing the Cathedral this time I was able to get a photo that included the lake. The sea used to lap up against the wall below the Cathedral but when the road beside the sea was created (to give airport and cruise port access) a lake was built there (it is sea water) so the Cathedral could still be reflected in the water.
The wind had picked up and there were sailboats (large and small) out  on the bay.
I was pleased I had chosen to go around again because this time there were a couple of added loops and I got to see more of the city. I had to commend this driver too, there were some very narrow streets, poorly parked cars, tight corners
and low bridges.
Heading towards Pueblo Espanyol  (Spanish Town) which has examples of various kinds of Spanish architecture and reproductions of famous Spanish locations.
I completed the circuit and then got off by the Cathedral and Palace and walked up the pedestrian streets to Placa d'Espanya.
The doors to the Palau del Consell were open and I stepped in
to look at the stained glass and
wooden ceilings.
At the bus station I had the option of taking the Express Bus to Port, via the tunnel, or the "milk run" along the coast. Both left at the same time and I chose the coast road. It took longer, going through Valledemossa and Deia, but was so much more interesting. Especially as the sun was going down.
The sun had set behind the lighthouse by the time I got back
But the clouds were still reflecting pink.

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