Monday, 6 March 2017

Mallorca Day 35 - warm enough to swim?

Chris and Chris on the tram
heading in to Soller. The weather co-operated, warm and sunny, and they were happy to have left cold, windy and rainy Wales
Wrought iron balcony.
Just a wrought iron "twiddle" with no apparent function but decoration.
We walked the shopping street in Soller, meandering in and out of stores as the fancy struck us (often with Chris waiting outside as he is not much of a shopper). Then we had lunch of tapas on the square in front of the church and relaxed in the sun.
Its an unusual church facade and I wonder if there were bells in those upper arches at one time.
While waiting for the tram I had a quick look at the Gran Hotel Soller which has  recently re-opened under new ownership.
Its a Four Star and rather swish!
This is the decoration at the front door.
I thought it was a Morgan but on examination, its a Bugatti. According to Chris, owned now be VW which is owned by Porche (I think I got that right).
The tram runs every hour but there were some "special" ones running today that the average tourist (us) couldn't use. This one had open carriages and passed us as we had pulled over onto a secondary track.
Back at Port, Christine decided to go for a paddle to see if it was warm enough to swim. She decided it was (about the temperature of Welsh sea water in August).
Chris said there was no way he was going swimming and settled down with a glass of wine and his book. Christine and I changed into out bathing suits. I hadn't yet decided whether I was going to brave it or not.
There were a few people on the beach but no-one in the water.
Chris went straight in. She's mad! I went in up to my upper thighs and stood there until I could no longer feel them and then went the rest of the way in. If there hadn't been so many people at he restaurants watching I would have done the "cold water scream", but I didn't. It didn't actually take long for us to acclimatize to the water and the top 4 inches or so were relatively warm. We stayed in for about 20minutes, floating so easily in the salt water.
We got out and sat on our towels to dry and then Chris decided she wanted to go back in. There is actually no photographic evidence that I swam at all.

We came home to hot showers and the had prawn cocktail followed by paella for supper. (You can buy the paella seasoning in the grocery store here).

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