Sunday, 12 March 2017

Mallorca Day 41 - Bye C & C, playing with photos.

Up early (comparatively) and drove Christine and Chris to the airport. We had great weather, talked each others ears off, swam and explored and it always amazes me that Christine and I can spend time together with as much compatibility as we had when we were between the ages of 6 and 12 (the foundation time of our friendship).
Cat comfy in a cafe chair

I decided when I started this post, because it is not really introducing any new subjects, to try and include 2 shots of each subject. The cat turned shy.
I only had time for half a banana for breakfast, so indulged in coffee and cake
while sketching.
Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, even thunderstorm overnight, so I decided to walk up to the lighthouse this afternoon and walk down on the GR221.
The south side of the bay now gets sun in the afternoon.
Focus on the lighthouse (background)
Focus on the plants (foreground)
Stone path.
I think I have done this walk 4 times now and this is the first time I have seen this little group.
The 2 donkeys totally ignored me, just taking in the shade.
The horse was a lot more interested.
Between the location of this photo
and this one, there was an enterprising young man with a hand operated juicer, set up on a table, selling fresh squeezed orange juice to the walkers. Heaven for 1 1/2 Euros.
There are meadows of these flowers now, between the olive trees.
More lambs now too
in the little flock half way down the last hill.
On the outskirts of town

So covered with blossoms that there isn't room for a petal more.
Just a little further on

a rock garden
overflowing with flowers.
Christine will say I "let the side down" but I| was too tired to swim and just collapsed when I got home.

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