Monday, 20 March 2017

Mallorca Day 49 - lunch at So Caprichos

After our day of driving yesterday we stayed home and didn't do much today.
Walking to the grocery store this morning I found out what was in those wooded boxes. They are building what I assume is a shaded area for another restaurant.
The road work is finished. Ripping up the old tram lines and then replacing them and filling the road back in had been causing a bottle neck for traffic going to the commercial harbour and the part of town I am living in. Glad its done.
Bolero had been on the hard since I got here. Her name has been repainted
and Mum and I noticed them painting her bottom by flashlight when we went for a walk last night.
We had lunch at the restaurant to the left of the bottom of our stairs, So Caprichos.
With our wine we had olives and aioli with bread. I have thought that ailoi was garlic mixed into mayonnaise but in looking it up on the internet I learned that it should be made with a mortar and pestle and contain garlic cloves, sea salt and olive oil. Some recipes do add egg yolk to make it easier to mix.
I had popped down earlier to ask if they would be serving their Menu del Dia today and had been told they would. When we came down the sign advertising it wasn't out and the waiter said they weren't doing it today but then the lady I had talked to earlier came out and told us the kitchen would provide it for us only.
There were 3 choices for each of 3 courses. Mum and I had the prawn salad (grilled prawns, mango, strawberries, tomatoes on a bed of greens)
Dad had a cream soup that he thought might be asparagus. He said it was good but wished he had had the salad.
We all had the hake with tomato sauce. The other choices were pork tenderloin and a pasta dish.
We all chose flan (like creme caramel) for dessert.
The menu del dia was 14.50 Euro (about $22 Can). When the sun got too hot, the waitress opened up another umbrella to shade us, then later when we were sitting with the complementary liquor, closed it down again as some clouds had come in, so accommodating. Service was attentive but also relaxed. There was no indication that we should leave when finished, here you have to ask for la cuenta.
After lunch Mum and Dad retired to the apartment and I went for a short walk to sketch.
All the way up the stairs next to the apartment. That translates to up one flight of steps, across a road and up a longer flight of steps to the next road.
Then up this road, which is partially stairs too, to the mirador at the top that overlooks the sea.
The Museum of the Sea, up here, is still closed but the anchor outside was handy to a bench so that's what I sketched.

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