Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Mallorca Day 36 - too rough for a boat ride.

Our plan today was to take the boat ride to the beach, that Eve and I did. We could hear the wind overnight and the ting ting ting on the sailboat masts but it looked OK from our viewpoint this morning.
We packed a lunch and headed over to the big tourist boats.
The ticket office was open but there was no-one in it. There were a couple of other people looking for tickets. We walked over to the boat that had some staff on it and called up to them. A woman came down the gangplank and said "We are not sure if we can go out today. Too rough. We are going to try but may have to turn back". That didn't sound promising or fun! Lets go to Plan B.
Plan B was to walk up to the lighthouse and have our picnic up there.
We walked around the bay. Almost every bar/restaurant/cafe is open now, though the ones at this end are still pretty quiet.
The sea was pretty rough, white caps and crashing against the rocks.
Then we saw the boat going out. It was wallowing and bucking. We were glad we hadn't gone.

Then we saw it turn a big circle

and head back in.
We continued up to the lighthouse, ate our picnic and bought a coffee at the Refugi
joined by one of the resident cats.
Walked back down and the rest of the day was spent lazing, reading and swimming.
And after supper an evening stroll around the bay again. It is warm enough in the evenings, now, for this to be very comfortable.
The boat doesn't go out tomorrow but we can try again Thursday or Friday.

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