Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Mallorca Day 44 - Excitement in Port (and its not about Mum and Dad arriving)

I had a 10am appointment to get my haircut today so didn't have any time to check out the hustle and bustle on the beach,
It looks like summer with all the umbrellas and lounge chairs. Until you see that everyone on them is wrapped in towels and hoodies. What's going on?
At the hair salon all anyone knew was that a film crew was in town.
Lots of equipment vans
and crew.
There was an awful lot of nothing going on while I had my cafe con leche. People would stop for a while and watch and then move on as nothing seemed to be happening.
This is the shot they were working on while I watched. A little boy building a sand castle. The woman with the umbrella would shade him from the sun when not filming and sometimes, when there was a longer break, someone would wrap a blanket around him. It's not that warm in the mornings.

Aside from the normal cool morning temperatures, the other problem was that the wind was picking up making it even cooler, umbrellas flew into the water and it took 2 guys to hold up the green screen.
Not enough action to keep me watching so I headed back to the apartment. Finished some housekeeping, had lunch and headed out to the airport. Mum and Dad's plane was only  20 minutes late and it wasn't due to the snowstorm in Canada. They said the worst part of the whole trip had been the drive from Fort Erie to St Catherines but everything had gone pretty smoothly. They arrived tired, sore and stiff but a couple of glasses of wine helped.

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