Friday, 17 March 2017

Mallorca Day 46 - Soller with Mum and Dad

We took the tram into Soller today.
From the tram we watched a tour boat leave,
passed the citrus groves and other fruit trees in bloom,
looked down into peoples yards,
at the stables and

crossed the river a number of times.
We walked directly into the main square and sat at Cafe Soller, in the sun.
We ordered our wine and then Mum and I made our way to the back of the bar to pick our tapas. They have 23 kinds of tapas (not always the same ones either) to pick from and its tough. I ordered 3 (mushrooms in butter and garlic, squid salad and almond filled dates wrapped in ham). Mum and Dad shared 5. This is my fourth time and it didn't disappoint.
Mum and I left Dad having a coffee and checked out the bank building
and the church (it was closed as it was siesta time) and then wandered down the pedestrian shopping street.
Sardine symmetry.
Beautiful entrance door of the Modernista Museum.
Heading back to the tram we noticed roses

and peonies in bloom.
I left Mum and Dad at the apartment, reading in the sun, Ok, Dad may actually have been napping, and took my sketchbook for  a walkabout.
Seeing these prompted the question "Is marijuana legal in Spain?". on the internet I discovered that growing for your own personal use and using in your own home is legal. Not for dealing and not in public. Selling seeds or paraphernalia is legal.
Cat on a hot tile roof , sorry :)
and sleeping in the sun.
I sat at the end of the commercial wharf and sketched the 2 lighthouses.
More places are occupied now and people are gardening (putting out pots of flowers beside their doors, in window boxes, on walls or on the sidewalk)

After supper, Mum and I walked up to the mirador overlooking the sea and she found some sketching possibilities for another day.
Walking down we saw still more cats. They all seem healthy and well fed, some have harnesses and collars.
We watched the fishermen rolling away the big net and throwing the small fish over the side. We had just seen the trolley go buy with tubs of shrimp and fish. A cat was hanging around and was thrown a small fish. He took off with it and immediately there were 2 other cats heading his way.

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