Monday, 13 March 2017

Mallorca Day 42 - What a difference a day makes.

The rain and thunderstorms forecast didn't materialize last night, although there was a lot of "wind in the rigging" noise from the docks.
It was grey and cooler when I got up and some of the mountains were obscured by cloud.
This place is on the other side of the steps from where I am staying. It is for sale and Chris, out of curiosity looked it up on the internet. There were some pictures and I think they are asking 280,000 Euro. The real estate agent was in cleaning it up and he showed me around.
There is a door from the road above and from there you come down tiled stairs with wrought iron railings into two large, high ceilinged rooms. The ceilings must be 14 feet high. There is a door, so small you have to duck, into a tiny, ancient kitchen, out of one room and out of the other, a gap into a sort of large closet which was the old bathroom (the hole in a tile bench is still there) and is actually located under the road.  One room has the large doors that I can see from my courtyard and that area could be a small patio. There are bulbs hanging from wires, parts of the floor have heaved up the tiles and the whole place smells musty and damp. The realtor said he didn't think it had been touched for about 100years, which I found totally believable. He suggested it could be made into a couple of apartments with loft bedrooms. It would take a tremendous amount of work to make it habitable but the location is good.
It started to rain so I did some laundry and cleaned the apartment in preparation for Mum and Dad arriving on Wednesday. That is if they are able to get out of Toronto, given the snowstorm that is forecast for Tuesday. I drove into Soller and did some grocery shopping. Basically it was a day meant for chores.
When it stopped raining, I went for a stroll. Monday is usually pretty quiet in Port de Soller but today was quieter than usual. Only 2 carriages on the tram!

Randemar reopened this week. The sign mentions that the first floor dining room is air conditioned (everyone was out in winter coats today)

Nunu, which was recommended to Eve and I, is also now open.
The Muscovy ducks were out for a stroll too. I love the two tone feet on the black one.
Yesterday this beach was covered in families enjoying the sand and the sun. There were a few people swimming and lots paddling. Today no-one, just seagulls seeing if anything is left from yesterday.
Big boxes, marked fragile, at the dockside. I'm curious.
Sunset tinted the clouds purple and yellow.

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